Monday, February 27, 2017

February Inspiration with Irit

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my  February  Scrapmatts inspiration.
So this is a page I made for myself, by myself and with myself (you can see it for sure).
I scrapped my vacation memories as here in Israel Lilac bushes are not common (non existing ones).

So as I was born in a former USSR and was raised around lilac flowers every time I see one abroad I just take some photos near them. Just to remember the smell and the happiness of my early childhood.
I used Scrapberry's cardstock and small embellishments to make this page, but I used big and a lot of Scrapmatts chipboards to add texture, color and interest to this page.
All chipboards were heat embossed with black or mixed embossing powder and I used the same powder over some of cardstock die cut pieces to make it similar.
As you can see I used the chain circle around my own photo and I used the same powder to heat embossed the leaves near the metal  pebble.
I made the mixed title using #unique word and added the banners of " me" to make one title.
Some embellishments were added over the gate part and on the lower corner and I added the words ' memories" as my sub- title.
 The last, but not least- the oval frame that framed the upper stamped saying.
All other embellishments are just small add- ons of flowers, hand cut pieces and small metal charms.
And yes, life is good  when you can travel and still remember your childhood as it was just a few days ago .
I wish. Not really a few days, but a like a whole 50 years back.
It still makes me Happy!

Scrapmatts product list:
Scrap words 32 CB6113
Chains 01 CB5132
Ornate toppers 01 CB5137
Ornate frames 24 CB6096
Assorted words 29 CB6116
Alphabet flags 04 CB6085
Leaf spray 08 CB1153

My second (and third) projects for Scrapmatts blog are those Steampunk card and tag.
Yes, I love Steampunk. Not as a way of life, but sure as a crafter.
So when I see pretty masculine cardstock  and add gorgeous Scrapmatts chipboard and stencils, I get this fancy masculine friendship card first.
I used the  Steamapunk  Arch window frame and a big gear piece - both were heat embossed with copper powder. The gear was cut into two parts and added from both sides of the card.
I used Gears stencil with distress ink to cover the inside of the window.
The lamp was added in the middle to give the light of gold to this friendship card.
 And yes, to make it a real Steampunk I added a few real metal pieces that fit the chipboards in the most perfect way.

 My last project for Scrapmatts is this Steampunk tag.
Same style as the card, but the colors are totally different.
The card was a kind of a warm one.
 This tag is a cold grey and blue project.
 Some of the chipboards here were heat embossed with blue powder and the background one was left bare.
I added this lovely " naked" Happy Birthday chipboard and  again, a few metal pieces were must to add things to make it a real Steampunk style.
 I think that I am in love with those Scrapmatts Steampunk chipboards!
They make my masculine crafting possible!

Scrapmatts products used:
Arch Window frame 05 CB6042
Lamps 11 CB6109
Gear frames 02 CB5011
Gear stencil
Circle mesh 02 CB5129
Scrap words 25 CB1239
Scrap words 30 CB1244
Arrows 01 CB5107
Sticks 02 CB5153
Buckles and Belts 01 CB1231

 Hope you liked my new projects!
See you next month with more Scrapmatts inspiration!


  1. Three outstanding projects Irit - all different and all inspiring :D

  2. So much Scrapmatts goodness to look at, wonderful work.

  3. wow Irit, you have used so much chipboards , and you always do such inspirational work....