Saturday, February 29, 2020

Who loves a bit of Green?

With the coming of the rain has also come the beautiful Australian greens that I've missed so much over this last dry season. 

EVERY photo looks better now without the dry dead backgrounds we have been forced to deal with lately!

This is reflected in my layouts that have all fallen into a green/nature theme recently 💚. 

For scrapbooking and card making green is one of the best of the more neutral colours to base any design on... creating gorgeous natural pallets for pinks, blues and purples that POP! 

Mind you, green in itself almost always provides a rich and generous colour scheme!

 In the layout below I've pulled in white design elements that echo back to the raw beauty of nature - and of course this is complimented by the raw chipboard elements are perfect and natural companions...


CB1268 Floral Spray 16


These stencils are just divine, I used the larger one for the centre of the page and the smaller one for the outside edges. Primarily I used white gesso to create the masked patterns but I also did extra details using the stencils and a white pen.

Stencil 9073 Leaves, Available in A4, A5 or A6


With this next layout I was going for something a bit tricky with my daughter sitting in a tree - my goal was to make it look like the branch she was on was attached to the 'tree' on the side of the layout. 
Some extra foliage stencil-work helped pull this look off in the end and is a good trick to add to any pages that need a little something extra in the back ground.

ST5004 Stencil Leaf Sprays

CB5137 Ornate Toppers 01

I'm a bit of fan of the good old metallic marker pens and used them to add colour to my chipboards in this layout. Ink soaks into chipboard to a certain extent, but the metallic and paint pens provide colour that sits on top and stays true to original tones.


CB2023 Roses 01


HINT: Metallic markers wont blend per se, but a two tone effect is still possible and looks quite effective on smaller detailed spaces.

And just to finish off with I'm sharing another little step card...


Template 4007 Centre Step Card   

You can't get a better buy than this template for ONLY $7.50! I LOVE these templates and own all of Scrapmatts templates for card making. 


Once again the good old metallic pens were the perfect choice to help these cute floral chipboards POP out from the green toned base papers 💜




Thanks heaps for stopping by for a look...
I hope you found some inspiration to compliment your own beautiful creations, All my best, Kel xo


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tule (too-lay) Fog - with Heather

This month my intention was to do a masculine page with these rustic papers and rustic chipboard pieces, but then I came across this amazing photo and the plan changed.

The was taken in San Luis Obispo County near Cholame, CA on Rt. 41 taken on  17th January 2020 by a friend of my parents. She has taken some of the most amazing photos and I have permission to use and share them, so you will see more as the year goes on.

Lorrie told me that the fog is called Tule (or too-lay) Fog - I love this!

I started the page by adding some texture paste on the base page using the Scrapmatts stencil Gears using a bronzy coloured texture paste

I had 3 different size photos (all the same photo) and have added a photo matt for each using white cardstock then attached them together using foam tape so that you can see a bit more of the one underneath

All of the Scrapmatts chipboard was just simply inked with pinecone ink and attached to the page using clear drying glue

The flowers were handmade using some of the left over patterened paper

These can be found at

I hope that you have enjoyed this layout, I'm looking forward to designing with more of these amazing photos!


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Magnificent Views

Hi everyone

Lisette here with my layouts for February.

I love both of the layouts I have for you today.  I also have a passion for sunsets. One is quite busy with lots of bits and bobs, the other is more simple!

This first layout is from my trip early last year to Ningaloo Reef in NW Western Australia.  We hiked up to ridge at Yardie Creek to watch the sunset of the water.  Absolutely beautiful.

CB5127 Diamond Mesh 03

CB6110 Ornate Frames 25

CB6095 Assorted Words 18

CB1197 Scrapwords 05

CB1192 Scrapwords 04

My second layout is also a sunset.  This time up a mountain not a ridge! We had climbed 3,270 metres and we were only 3/4 of the way up.  We summited the next morning.  It was so magical with the sun coming through the clouds and from behind the mountain.  The photo intensifies the colours a bit, but it was almost the same.

Stencil 9002 Hexagons

CB5114 String Circles 01

CB1148 Name Plates 01

CB6095 Assorted Words 18

CB1239 Scrap Words 25

I hope you have found some inspiration from my layouts and some new ways to use the fabulous products from Scrapmatts.

Until next time

Happy Scrapping


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Getting my Scrap On....

Good morning Rikki here today..... This year for me is all about setting goals and getting my photos on a page.... I am attempting to do a layout a day !!! Yes I said one layout a day...... the aim is to stop over thinking pages and get them into albums.... because sometime you can get a little obsessed with all the pretty bits and forget why we do this in the first place.

So the first layout is all about the photos. I have a had these in my draw for awhile and the though of scrapping them all individually wasnt going to work so a big double layout came to mind..... 15 photos in total with some Scrapmatts Chipboard of course.

CT034 Making Memories

CB1192 Scrapwords 04

Another mission this year is to use paper rather than collecting it!!! That means working with a collection till theres none left including scraps..... this is where a little mixed media and an elegant title will help create a layout like the one below.

CB1262 Scrap Words 45