Friday, May 29, 2020

And the creative adventure continues...

Thanks for joining me for another action packed Scrapmatts post!

As much as being at home during this time of social distancing has been somewhat of an emotional struggle, it has also been a really nice breather from the usual pace of life and I've been loving spending long hours playing with all my craft supplies.... here's what I've been up to:

Beach Babe Layout

HEADS UP: If you click on any of the product pictures in this post you will be taken straight to them in the Scrapmatts website 👍

No secret at all that I just adore these string circles and pull them out to use on at least 1 in every 5 layouts! lol 🤣 For this layout I've used the medium and smaller ones to support space for my 'journalling' and then I cut the large one in half to use as coordinating bubbles moving off the top and bottom of the page. 

To compliment the 'seaweed' theme I was going for I used these fabulous floral sprays as I figured they would blend well with the patterned paper I had made and added to the layout.
My No. 1 hint for using chipboards is: Don't be afraid to adapt them to suit your needs - given the right tie in with other elements on the page, these floral sprays are totally passable as kelp! 

.      .  

... and here is how I created the seaweed and other elements I used on this layout. 

I started with a sheet of thick cardstock and a few distress inks. I used a water spray bottle, an ink blender and a straw to move the ink around the page, and I topped it all off with some shimmer spray.

After letting the page dry I roughly went over the groovy crazy lines with a sharpie pen, drawing attention to that seaweed look.

Next I dug out my trusty silver 'Inka Gold' wax and smeared it randomly over the page through this awesome A6 circles template.

After letting it all dry and touching up segments with a white pen, I cut off the half of the page I liked best and inked the edges to give the panel a finished look. Then I fussy cut a cool bit on the left over paper and used the remainder of the sheet to cut out the circles I used for the journaling panels.

😁 waste not want not!

Then I just arranged them all on a background sheet and added the photo and mat. 
Too easy and LOADS of fun!

Bloom and Grow Layout

 For this layout I got a hold of a sheet of the Kaisercraft 'With Love' paper, a paper pad and some collectables. Choosing colours for a layout is an interesting process... I almost always try to coordinate with the stand out colours in the photo/s I'm using on the page, but occasionally I go completely rogue and choose a colour that is barely visible in the layout to highlight. 
In this layout I decided I wanted to draw attention to that silly pink colour my daughter has died her hair in this shot so I coordinated every element ( except the watering can) to match with that tone.

I coloured the chipboards with metallic markers and even managed to use one of the leftover chipboard supports to frame the title. 

I also added in a few of these cute extra plant elements just to round to the look.
**( I always keep a stash of these kinds of plants/grasses chipboards on hand as they can often be added to layouts just to build them up or support other design elements).

I caved in when it came to the watering can and coloured it a similar blue to the jeans in the photo... seemed like a playful concession lol 😉

PLEASE NOTE: These chipboard flowers/water can/small butterflies are so new to the Scrapmatts range that they are not even up on the site yet, so if you would like try a set just drop Scrapmatts a message and let them know you are chasing CB6120 Card Elements Floral 002 👍

Flower Child Layout

There really isn't too much to this layout, the only really interesting thing I got up to was this tried and true back ground effect... first of all you stencil on the diamonds and then a fix pearls to the centre spaces (although I used my trusty old pearl pen this time around)
This creates a beautiful soft quilted look that I just adore - its a quick, easy and effective background technique that looks fabulous! 

- I dropped small liquid pearls on the centre dots...

This FABULOUS border chipboard needed no assistance at all bar a light dusting of white ink.

And this chipboard title was super easy to separate and rearrange on the page to suit my layout.

One thing I did do to help balance the colours on this page was add add some Dusty Concord Distess Ink to the border and splatter it about a bit.

Then I had a heap of the mixed up ink left over and didn't want to waste it soooooo......

.... this card was just kind of born from that left over link! 🤣


Firstly I made up a couple more colours of ink puddles (roughly half ink and half water) and then I just spread them over some watercolour paper using this A4 leaves stencil to create this gorgeous background.



I splattered a bit more yellow ink about the place, 
and used a blending tool to pull out the white in the back ground. 

Then I simply trimmed off the segment I liked best to use as my card background.

That small rectangle of paper left over kept looking at me from my desktop, just begging to be used... so eventually I made into a bookmark as a gift to send with the card 💜

And thats where I better end this epic post  lol ... I hope you have manage to enjoy our extended 'at home' time as well. 

Stay safe and take care xo

Cheers from Kel

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Scrapping with Heather


Thank you for having a look at the blog.

This month I decided to use this beautiful range that I've had in my stash and not want to use - and I found this really old photo from our honeymoon back in 1999 that went really well with it.

I have used 2 different Scrapmatts stencils with gold texture paste and a white texture paste to the background. I have then used a deep purple spray to soften it.

I have also used the spray on the chipboard, then used a gold sharpie to highlight the word "Love" in the title.
The flowers have also been sprayed and layered the finished with a Nuvo Drop in the centre.

Below are the stencils and chipboard I have used on this page.

I have also had this Australiana chipboard  range for a while, I will admit it was a challenge.

I had this idea to hand make flowers then do a card with acetate with a die cut over the top for the front of the card, then try and make the Australiana chipboard a bit more vintage by keeping it simple and layering it. I haven't decided if I like it yet or not, but have learnt over the years that even if I don't someone else will - and if not there are some very easy techniques you could take from this card to make your own very effective card.

Anyway, I hope that I was able to inspire you in some way. See you again next month.


Saturday, May 23, 2020

May Layouts

Hi everyone,

Lisette here with some more layouts from our Borneo trip last year.

I love how this layout turned out.  It was such a privilege to watch a mumma turtle lay her eggs.  There are strict protocols in place for the tourist who visit this island.  We were only allowed onto the beach when she was almost finished laying her eggs.  Once she is finished the rangers remove the eggs and rebury them in the hatchery.  They then measure and weigh her for research purposes.  This lady was untagged, which indicated she was probably a first time mum.  I will do some project life pages to go with this layout and tell the rest of the story.  Love using both of these formats together.

Products Used:-

Stencil 9003 Circles

CT007 Moments in Time

CB6112 Scrap Words 31

CB5100 Grasses 02

We were driving to our village homestay.  Time took a photo out of the bus window of a village in the hills.  It wasn't until we looked at them properly later and realised this was the village we were staying in and it ended up between the frond of this palm. Total Fluke!

Products Used:-

Stencil 9024 Bricks

CB5166 Leaf Spray 15

CB6116 Assorted Words 29

CB6106 Assorted Words 24

CB6095 Assorted Words 18

CB6117 Assorted Words 30

I hope I have inspired you with my two layouts.

Happy Scrapping