Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Titles Made Easy With Inks 💥

Hi All, 
well, I'm back again this month with more layouts made using inspiring 
products from Scrapmatts' incredible range of beautiful products.

This first fun layout is brought to life by the fantastic title 
- which was coloured using a very simple technique of layering inks.

Starting with a white sprayed chipboard title, creating a variegated colour look is as easy as choosing two tones of whatever colour you like and then adding the lighter tint to the top of the title, moving towards the centre. 

Repeat this process with the darker tone coming up from the base 
until they blend in the middle of the title. 

To create the sparkle at the top and bottom of this title I then touched up both 
areas with some copper ink.

I did the same thing with the two elements of the sun chipboard as well.

Using the same coloured inks and blending them randomly, I then added the pattern from this stencil. 
The pattern helped to lift the layout by tying together the title and flowers ... 
Scrapmatts stencils are fabulous for this little design trick! 

For this second layout, I decided to just go with a plain title as the patterned papers were 
so dynamic already.... but I did use another stencil just to pull the different papers in the background together and give the whole layout a sense of cohesiveness. 

This cute chipboard title was easily covered with some mat blue ink.

I used the A4 size stencil from this set and a white gel pen to create a pattern
 that blended with the white pattern on the dark blue papers of my layout.

This technique works really well if you are wanting to create some subtle background patterns. 
Gesso or white paint would have been a lot more solid and/or opaque so this gives us a 
lovely muted pattern that looks particularly good with a shabby chic design.

To finish with I added more of these ready-to-use scrap words chipboards to the page.

These make a wonderful alternative to journaling.

And to lift the whole layout I also scattered clusters of these 
4,5 & 6mm Champagne Acrylic Craft Gems around the page.

And that's it from me this time, I hope you have got a few good ideas from this 
post that you continue to enjoy your own crafty journey.

Kel xo


  1. Fantastic work Kelly I am always in awe of how you ink your pieces and the different ways you use stencils