Thursday, December 7, 2023

Retreat creating

 Hello again all my lovelies

Todays pages were completed at the November Scrapmatts Retreat at Neville.

It is always so nice to go there with my bestie Kim and catchup with all the other ladies who go.

First up is my gorgeous little  neighbour Alaina with her new little bunny, Inka.

I used lots of Scrapmatts goodies on this page, including a really lovely stencil. All the chippy pieces were inked and for the little daisy like flowers once they were a bit damp from the ink I folded them to the centre to make a lot of dimension. The background pices I also inked but then cut up and tucked throughout the page, and of course a few little bling gems were perfect for the flower centers and also on the stencil daisies.


Next page is of my cousin Michelle and Aunt Laurel who visited from WA and spent the weekend with 
me before heading off to see other family. I have no memory of my Aunt Laurel but I have been told that as a child she came and visited us. We had such a lovely time together and managed to show them some of the lovely sights Orange has to offer.

For this page I again used a beautiful stencil with ink the same colour as the paper and the flowers on my top. The title a lovely shade of blue and the other chipboard pieces green plus 2 little cute yellow inked butterflies.


Well that is it for me for the month.
Hope that you are all doing well.
Hugs and love
Annette xx

Friday, November 24, 2023

Fabulous Ladies

Hi everyone

Sorry I have been missing in action these last couple of months.  We had a fabulous overseas holiday to Spain, Portugal and London, and then some technical difficulties!

Before I show you layouts from our trip, I want to share a couple of recent layouts of some beautiful netty ladies in my life.  

I recently attended a scrapbooking retreat and these layouts were inspired from some online challenges.  I hadn't scrapped for ages and find that these challenges are great to get the mojo flowing.

ST9024 Brick Stencil

ST5084 Stencil Symbols

CB1268 Floral Spray 16

CB4069 Ornate Frames 26

CB6117 Assorted Words 30

CB1236 Scrap Words 22

ST9076 Cobblestones Stencil

CB1249 Stars 04

CB1236 Scrap Words 22

There are many online challenge sites who have new themes each month.  Its a great way to be inspired to create.

Hopefully I will now get back to regular posting!  I have some great layouts for you in the next few months - photos from our trip.

Happy Scrapping

Lisette 😊

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

November Creating

 Good evening my lovelies.

I am very late with my post today but considering that I missed last month completely at least I am here now.

For this month I have two very beautiful girls in very different poses, the first is my beautiful little neighbour, Alaina who looks so cute in her little overalls that belonged to her dad when he was around the same age, his Mum had kept them and bought them over when she came for a visit. Really do suit her so much.

For the page I used a leafy type stencil with some Forest Moss ink, the same color I used on the chippy pieces except for the title which was already black.

I am a big fan of putting cardboard under photos, raising them up to add some dimension and interest to the page, in this case I only did it behind the smaller pic.


ST9073 Leaves Stencil

CB4063 Leaf Spray 13 - White Mist

CB5189 Flourishes & Leaves 01

CB6103 Scrap Words 21

Next is a stunning pic of a friend's daughter, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to scrap her, may have done it and then asked if I could use her pic, thankfully once she saw the layout Mum was very happy.

On this page I used some music notes which I left raw, a piece of the Doorway set inked orange to match the background behind her and some of the gorgeous little lace flowers.


Well that is me for the month.

Hopefully I will be back on track for December, oh my goodness, it will be here before we know it.
I look forward to going to the Retreat at Neville in a couple of weeks, with Kim Ewins, we always have such a lovely relaxing time there, and the ladies are just so nice and welcoming.

Until next time
Hugs and love

Thursday, October 5, 2023

So why did you choose thatπŸ‘‡?

 Today I'm back to share a layout made using a bunch of odds and ends 

that I had left over in my hoarder-like chipboard collection 😜 

I thought it migth be a good opportunity to unpack the reasoning behind colour and embellishment choices.

I've been a scrappr for about 25 years now so when I say I have 'leftovers' ...
I mean I have enough to open a small shop! lol 😬 

So I don't reach for the 'perfect' paper to go with a photo anymore... I reach for the ones I can make work from my extrodinaryly large stash of papers, but here's what I found to be true on this journey - with the right colours and some coordinating embellishments it turns out its quite easy to use up all those last few bits of chippies in the bottom of packets, the leftover stickers and the random bits of paper floating around from a long gone collection! 

For example ...

here I've pulled in a hanging light, a bunch of word tiles and a title I had been hanging onto for ages.


By inking them all brown it pulled the whole layout together nicely and complimented some of the more pronounced colours on the papers as well as complimenting the tones in the pictures. 


But something had to be done to address that giant teal shirt my son has on in the picture - it really dominates the whole scene, so I used a similar coloured paper for the border and linked the photo and borders together by adding this simple chainlink-fence backgound stencil and some teal ink.

I used the large stencil from this set for this page, but I usually use the middle size one for busier layouts with more on them (and the small one for cards). I ALWAYS buy my stencils in sets like this now for this very reason - I love the versatility of size variations. 

Simple, yet so effective for tying 
colours and elements of layouts together!

Next I'm sharing this very busy step card - 
that was quite a challenge for me to make!

 I made it for my wild and beautiful daughter and I was determined to make the card FOR her - which meant it couldnt really be my usual style.  My daughter is increadibly perceptive and if I made her a card in my usual style she would just brush it off as 'mum gave me one of her fussy cards' lol πŸ˜† 
So I had to create somethng here that reflected her personality ... 
Wild, messy and free!

The paper itself was more than enough all on its own but I was determined to add in some little touches that showed I had gone to effort. 
One of the Scrapmatts small 'Happy Birthday' titles was perfect for the main content.

And then to contribute to the overall 'messy garden' feel I added in this twig I had left over from this lovely branch and birds set. 

The other embellishments were pretty much just added to give it that 'I just wandered into this field of wild flowers' look. I struggled with how busy this ended up - even the number 'eighteen' at the top I woud have prefered to have mounted nicely on a backing strip and displayed prominitely somewhere, but once again, in an effort to make it less about me and more about the person recieving it, I atempted to relax a bit into a more casual style

And thats it from me today folks... thanks for bearing with me to the end of my creative ramblings. 

I hope you enjoy your own creative adventures until next time. 

Cheers, Kel xo

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Lest we forget

 Welcome to my post this month.

First up I have this fantastic old pic of my Dad in the Army, unfortunately I don't know when or where this was taken but I think he was in his early 20's.

Except for the poppies I kept the rest of the chipboard raw.


CB5211 Poppies 01

CB5188 Theme Pack 01

Then I have this page that has an amazing old pic of my Grandfather in his Airforce uniform. Like the pic of my Dad I don't have a lot of information about this pic but I have been trying to find out some more so fingers crossed I will be able to.

I used some red ink on just the top of the poppies and the two words.


Well, that is all for me this month. I know it's a very short post, but there have been a few challenges for me recently.
I have my pages ready for next month and they are just so precious so I hope you will come back and see them.

Until next time
Hugs and love to all.
Annette xx