Monday, August 11, 2014

Cards, Cards, Cards

Hey there everyone,

It seems I have been in a bit of a card making frenzy this past month with cards for lots of occasions. There is no better embellishment for a card than scrapmatts... especially all the super cute words that make cards so quick and easy.

As this post goes live, it will be my final day of work after more than 7 years there. A surreal experience and no doubt there will be tears, because as much as I need to get myself out of the comfort zone and move on to my new path, it is tough making such a big change. But with any luck, the very personal and hopefully motivating messages I have written in the cards for my 7 staff members will mean at least a couple of other people get a bit emotional too hehe

I put these cards together in about an hour or so using just a few pages from a 6x6 paperpad, some blank cards and of course some scrapmatts. Very simple.

And a couple up close below:

Then there is my cousin's wedding card. The wedding is not until next month but I am pretty sure she is way too busy doing wedding stuff to be spending time looking at what I'm creating (oh and she's a teacher and has no free time anyway... ) hehe How cool are the Scrapmatts charms?

Then that brings us to another occasion worthy of celebrating... Christmas. It is approaching with extreme speed it seems, so now is not a bad time to start making your Christmas cards nice and early.

As a bit of a time saver, I like to use up my scraps sometimes after a layout so they don't go to waste, plus by making a card after every layout, it means having a few in the stash for last minute occasions that need one. Certainly better than the last minute rush of trying to create a card from scratch when you are time poor. And I am going to be very time poor for the next 7 weeks.
Do you have some all occasion cards ready to go?
Holly x


  1. Gorgeous cards changes for you..exciting though..the cards for work are awesome, love the chrissy card and I am sure you cousin will just love the wedding card with the charm..awesome

  2. Beautiful cards Holly. I hope the farewells go well for you and your new adventure is fabulous :)

  3. I agree its a great idea to get a stash of cards built up.