Monday, June 8, 2015

New Art Frames and Expo!

 Well by the time this posts we will be on the final day of Scrapbook Expo in Brisbane! I've had to pre-schedule the post and I have to say I'm so excited to see what the show brings this year! Our fabulous customers that are lucky enough to be able to come along to the show will be in for a treat with the newly released Art Frames that will be for sale on the stand. My class this year is using the big 12 x 12 Frame but I've had a ball playing with the smaller 8 x 8 frames - so many ideas my mind is spinning (grin!!!)
First I had to go vintage and add one of the new Lamps (I've pestered poor Andrew for these lamps and I was so excited when I saw them!)

Using Scrapmatts chipboard 8 x 8 Art Frame, Lamps 11 CB6109 , Scrapwords CB1199, CB1197 and CB1189 along with Scrapmatts Charms Filigree Flower 9 CH069, Clock from Assorted Charms CH031 and Steampunk Key

I loved making this one so much I did a matching one using the second style of the Art Frames:

Using Scrapmatts chipboard 8 x 8 Art Frame, Tabs 01 CB5117, Scrapwords CB1189 and CB1197 along with Scrapmatts charms Filigree Flower #7 CH014 and Steampunk Clock

Here are the two frames together:

Next I wanted to pretty it up a bit so I chose a floral Washi Tape to go around the outside of the frame:
 Using Scrapmatts chipboard 8 x 8 Art Frame, Clocks CB1107, Scrapwords CB6103 and CB1189

 Finally I went for a beach theme. I wound Twine around the outer frame and a wood grain Washi Tape around the inner frame and then attached it all together with a hot glue gun.
Using Scrapmatts chipboard 8 x 8 Art Frame, Scrapwords CB1191, Marine Life CB4067, Shells 02 CB6062 and Shells 01 CB6061

 So much fun to play with!
Happy creating :)
Sonia x

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  1. The lights seemed very popular at the expo so good call on asking for them.