Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Scrapbook Expo everyone !

Well it's that time of the year again as the mass descent into Southbank Brisbane happens - yes it's Scrapbook Expo 2014! I've pre-booked this post as we will be merrily half way through the weekend when my post is due to go live and I might be just a little bit busy (it doesn't help that I'll be away from my PC either I guess!)
I've had a play with one of the new Shadow Boxes which are available in all sorts of sizes and colours and so much fun to play with:

Using Scrapmatts Shadow Box with Scrapwords CB1191 and CB1198, Alphabet Flag CB6084 and Charms Filigree Wrap CH006, Filigree #1 CH002 and Heart Lock CH019

 I also had a play with the monthly tags that the Design Team are making each month. I seem to have gone along with a vintage theme since I started at the beginning of the year so I figure I might as well keep going :)

Using Scrapmatts Tags CB3009, Frame CB4066, Scrapwords CB1197 and Charms Heart Lock CH019 and Filigree CH008

I hope to see you at the Scrapbook Expo and if you do come along - don't forget to come along to the Scrapmatts classroom and have some fun playing along
Sonia x


  1. Beautiful sonia love the shadow box would like to use one day and your tag is gorgeous

  2. Sonia, always beautiful and inspirational, love ,love the shadow box and the tag is very vintage and very Sonia