Thursday, July 10, 2014

Something Old and New

Can you believe this year is already have over? I can't. It probably doesn't help I've now become a uni student amongst everything else. Still, it's always nice to make time for some creativity!

This next one is actually a retro share... well as retro as last year can be. It was one of my masters entries for 2013 that did not turn out quite as I had hoped. The criteria was making your own background so I used collages of my photo a day prompts of my daughter and overlapped them to make the background, with a few splashes of paint and texture. For some reason I always experiment in strange ways for master's entries. Although I've only entered twice. Not trying this year. The art journal prompt is not really me so easier to give it a miss that fail miserably ;)

And a simple tag. This one was one of those lovely under 10 minute sort of projects that just come together easily.

Thanks for visiting.
Holly x


  1. Fabulous holly the tag is my favorite

  2. hmmm.... I personally think your 'unique background' is VERY cool. Love the idea.

  3. Gorgoue Holly, Lily is such a cutie, love your work