Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jewelry Inspiration

Hi there! Ever wondering how to effectively use chipboard pieces as jewelry?

Well, my post today is to show just how we can do that!

Using chipboard to make jewelry can be rather tricky considering it isnt the most tough of materials.

The key is to:
1) Use as little water as possible
2) Adhere similar pieces together, giving it a sturdy feel
3) Keep experimenting till you get the right look and feel

Here are some pics before I share a little tute:

Materials Used:

Step-By-Step Tute:
1) Adhere pieces of similar chipboard together
(i.e: frame to frame, giraffe to giraffe)
2) Add chain links to the top of the oval frame (as shown in picture
3) Jazz up your ensemble will some bling and other materials.
4) Wear it!


  1. Wow this necklace looks amazing! looks wonderful.. very creative..

  2. That's very clever Sharm, love your beautiful necklace :)

  3. So cool, a different way to use chipboard Sharm, well done

  4. Fantastic and very clever Sharm!