Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Looking Back

Hi & Welcome

Sharing with you today a really old pic of myself when I was not long due 
to give birth to my first baby. 

 With digital camera's so readily available and with a touch of a finger you can easily delete, recapture and filter creating a beautiful pic to scrap, I wonder how many scrapbookers out there have forgotten their old memories left sitting in a box because they feel they are not worth scrapbooking.

Well I'm one of those scrapbookers that didn't have the luxury of  digital technology and the photos I did have cost a small fortune to printed and were very far and few.  This was one of the reason's I was drawn to scrapbooking, so I could turn these less that perfect pictures into something that could be admired in another form and my memories were then not packed away in a box.  I think at time so many of us get caught up in creating that perfect pic so we can create the perfect page forgetting the real memory behind it all.

So here I am, not the best pic and certainly not the perfect background, however now when I look at it I am reminded vehicles we used to own, places we have lived and not so big I was before I gave birth..lol

CIS - Challenge 226

 This was one created for Kraft Plus Challenge, with the challenge being we needed to use denim on our page.

I've used these awesome Scrapmatts Chains, that have been embossed copper, they looked even better in real life.

Well that is all from me this month, I hope I've given you some Scrapmatts inspiration and we look forward to seeing your creations in the Gallery.

Until next time, bye for now


  1. Fantastic layouts, and yes I am one of those scrappers whose earlier photos are from the old era... of point and shoot and hope for the best!!

  2. Lovely to see an older photo scrapped. I hear you about the digital age compared with the expense it was to have things developed. It was all very hit and miss. Two very different pages and both inspiring.

  3. Fi 2 very different but inspiring projects, I love them both...

    Hugs xx

  4. Wow Fi, 2 totally different layouts and I love them both xxx