Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bright layouts by Elena Smoktunova

                                                                            Hello friends! 
Today I will show you a bright page with a great number of my favourite chipboard! Each chipboard has perfectly fitted into the project! He is graceful, many-sided, I adore him!
I some chipboards on a part cut and have added as a decor. With such wonderful chipboards jewelry absolutely isn't necessary! They will decorate any work!

This time I didn't paint with chipboards paints. I have added sprays of different flowers. Some sprays have got on chipboard therefore they were painted in these colors.

This wonderful chipboard in itself self-sufficient and I think him not necessarily always to paint. Here and this time I specially didn't paint it. It has turned out very effectively, it doesn't seem to you?

and one more bright emotional page with wonderful chipboards! At first I have painted a background with different paints, and sprays. I have handed over multilayered composition with my magnificent chipboards. Same as well as in the previous page.

Here too I didn't paint chipboard but only a part of sprays and paints has got on him. I worked with the same chipboards, but pages different. One bright, juicy in pink tones, and another bright and emotional, explosive! And my favourite chipboard has helped me with it! as always!

   I used:

                                                                    CB1222 Feathers 02

                                                                         CB4070 String Circles 06 Roses

                                                               ST1004 Stencil Bubbles



                                                             CB4066 Ornate Frames 23

                                                                       CB6062 Shells 02
Have a nice day!


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  2. Wow stunning creating, just love the arty way you use the chipboard pieces.. amazing creating!

  3. Brilliant work to showcase the Scrapmatts products.

  4. Wow, these look amazing! I totally agree there was no need to paint the chipboard, they look fine raw.