Friday, February 9, 2018


Hello there!
 Here we are in February already!! I hope your January was a great start to the year..
For my Blog Post I would like to share with you some cards I have made using some wonderful SCRAPMATTS products!
I was sent two new Card Templates to create with and at first I wondered how they would work.. but honestly the details are on the template and I found them easy to work out... ( if I can, I am sure anyone can!!!) There were two different styles to make..  Now I like to make cards, just the flat ones, so this was taking cards to another level!!
I began by tracing around the template and adding the lines for cutting and folding, however I traced it on the back of the paper so the marks would not show at the front. Like this.. So the back of the template was facing me on the back of my cardstock.

I then used a craft knife and a steel ruler and cut down the long line in the centre.  Then it was a matter of folding as per instructions on the template...  a mountain fold was a fold towards me and a valley fold was a fold away from me...  and my card looked like this..
Now I began to decorate the front of the card.  I used the template again for sizing the paper pieces I put on each section. It wasn't long and my first card was made..

I have used some very pretty new chipboard called Wildflowers on this card and I really love them!!
I thought it was better to have another go at making this style of card and I must admit I found it easier the second time creating..  And my second card..

and this is a side view of this card showing the folds.

The other card Template I received was different but I found it was just as easy to create. I traced the Template the same way as the first one and when the folds were in place this is what the card looked like..
And again I found some papers and some Chipboard and covered the card and embellished it until I liked the look of the card..

and a side view showing the folds..

And the second card using this Template..

Hummm I liked this but just needed a little something!!! Oh I know!!

A butterfly and those Federation Corners finished this card off for me!! And just a little idea for using every bit of your chipboard... the frame on the front of this card was lifted up using some chipboard scrap...

It added just a hint of dimension without too much bulk..

Here is a list of the Scrapmatts I have used for my cards with a link to the online shop..

CB1244 Scrap Words 30

CB5177 Wildflowers 04

CB1020 Card Borders 03

CB6036 Dress Forms 01

MC1002 Micro Chips 02

CB1019 Card Borders 02

CB6038 Arch Window Frame 01

CB6115 Assorted Words 28

CB4006 Frame 01 (the Butterfly)

CB4073 Wildflowers 02

CB1127 Aust Federation Corners 03


I also created a layout using those wonderful new Wildflowers chipboard..  I am sure they will become a favourite of mine!! and yours too!!

some closer views showing some details..

I embossed the chipboard in white and added pops of pink liquid pearls!

The Butterfly is embossed in a pink glitter..

I also filled in the flowers by tracing around the chipboard and cutting out the pink paper and I glued this onto the back of the flower part of the chipboard for something different!

And the Title is a new chipboard piece too!!

Pretty as a Flower.

And here is a list of the Scrapmatts I have used on this layout..

ST5016 Stencil Starburst

ST5048 Stencil Lattice

CT006 Pretty as a Flower

CB4012 Frames 03 (the butterfly)

CB4072 Wildflowers 01


And if you are near the Toowoomba region you can find Scrapmatts at the CRAFT ALIVE 9th to 11th March 2018 and you can see more details HERE!!! We hope to see you there!!

Until next time..
Happy Scrapmatting!!


  1. Wow Lizzy, these are just stunning, gorgeous cards but especially love that layout, so ver beautiful xx