Thursday, June 29, 2017

Frame for a photo also mini a notebook by Elena Smoktunova

Hello friends! 
I will show you beautiful Frame for a photo which goes to set with my fantastic set. I used a lot of beautiful chipboard, have decorated a frame with different details, flowers, have put fantastic fairies! And here my fantastic frame is ready!
At first I will show frame option with volume flowers of handwork. Very effectively looks. But closes all review of my wonderful chipboard.

Now the second option, without flowers. All my chipboard is visible! He is beautiful! I have painted it with paint, that shone and was poured.

 The frame is executed in the equipment mixed media. I very much love her!
Who knows me long ago, that saw my numerous projects executed in this equipment!

There is my fantastic set! The fantastic album and a fantastic frame perfectly supplement each other!

Now I will show a notebook small very much! He is located on a hand! Also I will show how it is possible to use the remains of wonderful chipboard!

I used the remains of my chipboard on a notebook cover. I have painted with paint. The excellent souvenir has turned out! He still can be used as a charm!

                                                                              I used:

                                                                   CB1222 Feathers 02

                                                                CB4063 Leaf Spray 13


Have a nice day!