Saturday, July 29, 2017

Photoframe and card by Elena Smoktunova

Hello friends! 
I will show you beautiful set of a frame for a photo and a greeting card. There is a lot of remarkable chipboard who I painted paints silks.
In a frame I have made a page with a substrate for the photo and have decorated her with a great number of chipboard. Outside, at the frame there is a chipboard too. 

For example this set will be presented on a wedding. Look what remarkable words are present here! What remarkable design at this chipboard!

Still I adore these feathers!

This wonderful chipboard it is possible to replace instead of a set of jewelry! He perfectly replaces them and decorates as nothing else! Any project becomes finished and original with this chipboard!

                                                                             I used:


                                                                    CB1222 Feathers 02

                                                          CB4068 String Circles 05 Holly

Have a nice day!


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