Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The good old days!!!


Fi here today, sharing with you some Heritage pages I have been working on for my Grandads mini album.  I have been working on this album for awhile now, its hard to believe I started it when he was 80 and he is now just turned 91.  I enjoyed working on it so much that it has progressed to a 2nd album.  
I have created the pages with a lot less bulk so that they can be stored a little easier, I find Scrapmatts chipboard are perfect for adding texture and interest without all that extra lumpy bumpy that would probably be lost on him anyway.  I have hidden tags with questions that I've wanted to ask and so that they can be answered in his own words and with his own handwriting.  These albums will eventually be passed back to us one day, and will be treasured.

The first page here I have used a picture of my grandma, she passed when I was only 6 months old, so its one of many much treasured photos.

 This picture if my Grandad when he was much younger with his brothers and my Great Grandma.

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Well that's all from me for another month. 

Take Care Fi!

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  1. Precious photos Fi, your album will be really special!