Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sea layouts by Elena Smoktunova

 Hello friends!
Summer is in full swing and many are now resting on the sea, and of course the most relevant topic is the Sea! I made just two pages on the sea theme. But I performed on the instructions of the blog CSI and wonderful chipboard! It's a lot here and I specially left it raw, I thought it would look more successful.

 Both projects are made on the palette, but still, each on a marine theme.

As a basis I took the usual white cardboard, but the background I have serves as a spray! Look how beautiful it is!

 The second project is also on white cardboard, and the background is also made with sprays.

 I used:


                                                                    CB6061 Shells 01

                                                                                 CB1232 Film Strips 05

                                                           CB6117 Assorted Words 30

                                                                CB6012 Floral Frame 01

   Have a nice day!